Have you ever stopped to think about what makes you happy? Yeah, we know the clock does not give us time to stop to think about these things, we have too many occupations and little free time. But that is not really true. It all depends on the way we see life.

We, from Q & E, have set out to do things differently. Because every gesture counts and there is no time to lose. We recommend you to enjoy everything and every little thing you do, however small it is. In short, be aware of your life and your happiness. Here are some tips that can help you.


Enjoy everything you do

Utilize the power of the sun (or a blow dryer) to lighten things up without the risk of total destruction.
As long as you don’t overdo it, at least — all manners of at-home hair-dyeing should still be approached with caution.

Make a list

List everything you do not like to do. Then write down how could you avoid it or, at least, make it more bearable to do so.

Let’s go for it, enjoy the journey.

For example, traffic-jam on your way to work. We absolutely know how tedious it is. Nevertheless, if you leave home a bit earlier, you’ll avoid the pick hours. Or, if this option doesn’t suit you, you can always listen to some music in your car that makes you enjoy the moment. It all depends on the approach to doing things. There’s always a nicer way of doing things. The famous statement “See life through rose-colored glasses” is right, don’t you think?

Bear this in mind, if you change the way you see things, things change shape

You have a dream, then make it come true

We love dreaming. In our childhood we have thousands of dreams that many times over the years we are abandoning.

We know that it is not always easy to achieve our dreams, although we recommend you not to forget them and persist. It’s never too late to reach them. Perhaps it’s a little too late to become an astronaut, but surely there is some dream that you can still make come true.

The first thing you should do is to think about what dream you would like to achieve and then draw up an action plan to achieve it. But be realistic, go step by step, and set realistic goals. With tenacity you will get all your goals and purposes.

Being self-conscious involves a long process, an apprenticeship that we encourage you to do. And of course, enjoy the way.

We started following this path some time ago and from there our brand Q & E was born. A firm that uses natural ingredients to formulate special cosmetics, with which you can take care of your beauty and at the same time care for the planet. And certainly, enjoy doing it, meaning, take advantage of these moments to relax your body and soul.

In short, to help you enjoy to the fullest all your moments to be happier.