To travel. Oh dear! How we like it! We are passionate about getting to know new places and it also makes us feel relaxed…We love living new experiences and having fun, who doesn’t? Each destination can be very different, exotic cultures, different climates and sometimes even extreme,… but certainly exciting.

Do you know how many types of climate are there?

Equatorial, tropical, arid, subtropical, mediterranean, oceanic, dry, humid, puff … It is not necessary though that you become an expert meteorologist , but, indeed it is important that before you travel, you know the climate that you will find in your destination, if it is humid, if it is very hot or cold. All these factors affect your skin.

Do not worry and just take some notes. With a few simple tips you will be able to take care of your skin perfectly well with natural cosmetics, and just worry about enjoying your vacation.

What your skin needs in a:

Dry climate.

For instance, the Sahara desert. It has a dry climate and extreme temperatures with huge contrast between day and night. It is a unique and enigmatic landscape. 100% recommendable with a unique culture.

In this climate, the main problem is to avoid dehydration, as it can cause an uncomfortable tight pulling sensation in your skin. Therefore, if you’re visiting any place with this type of climate, it is essential to provide your skin with extra moisture during the whole day. Essential Moisturizing Cream the natural face cream that will suit you perfectly because it keeps the right levels of moisture for your skin.

And yet at night, when the temperature drops dramatically, the ideal is to nourish your face with natural cosmetics. PureCell Anti-aging Cream will provide you with the necessary level of nourishment your skin needs, as well as boosting your hydration, toning and revitalizing your face.


There are also places with dry climates that maintain a high but constant temperature. There’s no contrast between day and night. As for instance Marrakesh, a surprising destination, or Luxor in Egypt a city that will captivate you by its astonishing historical temples. In this type of climate is best to avoid greasy creams. Go for a light texture moisturizer and you’ll look perfect.

Humid climates.

An incredible destination with this type of climate is the Tortuguero National Park, Limon, of Costa Rica with an average humidity of 90%. It is an amazing nesting place for turtles (hence its name). An incredible place whose aim is to protect the population of green turtles while being a reserve for monkeys, jaguars and a multitude of mammals, birds and reptiles. (In another post we will tell you our experience in this impressive Costa Rican spot.)

In areas with humid climates (contrary to popular belief) the skin does not better perspire, what happens is as simple as that the sweat is kept in the skin and does not evaporate. Therefore, the skin accumulates toxins, shining, etc….

In this type of climate it is indispensable to cleanse your skin daily to avoid the blockage of skin pores and the skin looking dull. So we recommend you to bear in mind taking your Daily 

Cleanser All-in-One when packing your luggage. You’ll keep your skin clean along with toned. 

It is important after cleansing your face, to put on your daily moisturizer or serum. A good option is the Vitamyne A.C.E. Serum with a revitalizing effect that gives your skin the care it needs. Also thanks to its light texture it is ideal to avoid feeling the uncomfortable sticky skin very common in this type of climates. In short, natural cosmetics that concentrate vitamin A, C, and E to revitalize and bring luminosity to your skin.

With these simple tips you will be able to avoid the sticky skin sensation caused by an excessively humid climate.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience wherever you go, take on positive energy.

And remember that life is a constant journey, in which the essential is to be happy.

You know we love to travel, and of course, who does not? Amazing landscapes, fascinating people and cultures, local handicrafts…

The first step is to choose our destination, which by the way, it is not always easy.